Notice on Preparations for HPA2017 Award Ceremony

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Thank you for your close attention to our HPA activities! We have been trying to find a suitable city for the awards ceremony and some organizations that support us. But in recent years, the economy in many parts of China has not been very good, so far we have no funds, but we will try our best to do this as before. Please give us more time to do it. I'm sorry to inform you, but the China Folklore Photographic Association has done its best. I hope you will forgive us.

We may have the following two results:

1. Once we get the money and find the right city, we will release the news to you three months before the HPA Awards Ceremony, so that you will have enough time to prepare.

2. If we can't get the money and find the right city this month, we will have to give up the chance to meet and communicate with you this time. At that time, all the winners can download the electronic award certificate from the HPA Competition website.

For the first time in 20 years, HPA has encountered such difficulties. I wonder if we should have cities all over the world to host the HPA Awards and get funding around the world. I also hope to establish an international foundation for HPA.

Call on the whole world to support the association. The tenth session of HPA has been very hard to hold. Without government funds to support the operation of the association,it is more and more difficult to survive as a social organization. However, in order to keep the HPA going, we used to ask the government to hold award ceremonies, and now we are looking for the cooperation of foundations,enterprises and other units to organize and hold them. The cost budget is 1.97million. Interested parties can negotiate long-term cooperation with me. In addition to HPA activities, there are also World Folklore Image Data Center,Global Library Electronic Image Data Center, World Folklore Culture Website and APP, World Folklore Culture Dynamic Experience Museum (Museum), World Folklore Culture Ecotourism, World Folklore Image Training, World Folklore Image Copyright Trading, etc.

The highest realm of folklore photography is "the mutual understanding between people, mind and soul, the equal dialogue and exchange of human beings with deep caring spirit and humanistic connotation, the respect and praise for the unique life phenomena that human beings have ever had and will disappear, and the tenacious spirit of life in all kinds of hardships and hardships." Appearance and publicity of natural living conditions!" Folklore photography "is not the curiosity of civilization for ignorance, nor the overlook of advanced and backward; it is the human understanding of themselves, a window of yesterday, a mirror, a bridge!"

Introductionto the Humanity Photo Awards (HPA)

Background Introduction:In 1998, the China Folklore Photographic Association issued a photo competition to the whole world to call on photographers to record folklore extensively and thoroughly-Humanity Photo Awards (HPA) International Folklore Photography Annual Competition. UNESCO gave full support to it. And since the 2nd session,the right to use the logo has been granted and co-sponsored up to now.

Over the past 20 years, HPA has successfully called on photographers from 167 countries and regions around the world to participate in this large-scale photo recording activity, recording and preserving more than 1 million folklore photo storiesi nvolving more than 180 countries and regions. These rich and colorful cultural events have preserved a magnificent multi-cultural photo gallery for the world.

HPA finds the entry point for photography to intervene in folklore, anthropology, sociology and other fields, gives full play to the documentary characteristics of photography, has the cultural breadth beyond the territory of photography,provides the most real evidence for human cultural heritage, and provides systematic research samples for human cultural heritage with the integrity of group photographs. Far beyond the humanistic significance of artistic value,there are no cultural activities that can be reproduced by institutions at present or even in the future. They are included in the overall plan of the United Nations International Decade for Cultural Harmony (2013-2022).

(2) The Core Value of the "Humanity Photo Awards" for Joint-Venture Cities

The co-sponsors of previous cooperation have received the following rewards:

At the world's to pcultural event, UNESCO and officials of the Ministry of Culture of China came to the scene. Sixty-six winners of the Documentary Awards and 100 winners of the Nomination Awards will be invited.

The strength of culture is particularly honored. UNESCO will award the "Urban Special Contribution Award" of the "Humanity Photo Awards" to the co-sponsoring cities at the award ceremony.

Globalized city marketing, global media publishing strategy and local style of multi-national photographers, to disseminate local culture to the world.

(3) To invite foreign guests and distinguished guests

Two Deputy Directors-General of UNESCO

7-9 members of the Bureau of the NGO Global Liaison Committee of UNESCO

Chairman,Secretary-General and Vice-Chairman of the World Association of Folklore Photographers

Chairman and Secretary General of Royal Photography Association

Chairman and Secretary-General of the New York Photography Association, USA

Seven judges of the 10th HPA International Jury of HPA

66 winners of the 10th HPA Documentary Awards

100 winners of 10th HPA Nomination Awards

500 winners of 10th HPA Performance Awards (Voluntary Participation)

(4) Review of the Awards for Human Contribution

Overview of Domestic Cooperative Cities:

HPA1998, Cooperative City: Beijing

HPA2000, Cooperative City: Quanzhou, Fujian Province

HPA2002, Cooperation City: Ningbo, Zhejiang Province

HPA2004, Cooperation City: Guangzhou, Guangdong Art Museum

HPA2006, Cooperation City: Dazhou, Sichuan

HPA2009, Cooperation City: Panyu, Guangzhou

HPA2011, Cooperative City: Kunming, Yunnan

HPA2013, Cooperative City: Beijing

HPA2015, Cooperation City: Shangri-La, Yunnan

Presidentof China Folklore Photographic Association

Che Shen

September 24, 2019

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