The Awards Ceremony of HPA 2017 Is Postponed

Published date: 2017-08-02    Clicks: 6012

Dear Participants of HPA 2017,

The beginning of August just approached, we have to make this difficult decision-the award ceremony of Humanity Photo Awards 2017 (HPA 2017) will be postponed! The main reason is that it will take longer for us to find the location and financial support to get the ceremony held successfully.

We are truly sorry that you have to wait until September 2018 for the celebration of photographers in the folk-customs field from all over the world. This time is also the beginning of the HPA 2019's photo submission, and we are planning to get these two events held together.

When the time comes, the programmes we will arrange include: the awards ceremony of HPA 2017, the forum of HPA 2017’s winning works, awarding membership certificates of WFPA to the documentary and grand award winners of HPA 2017 and the launching ceremony for HPA 2019. At the same time, in order to make HPA more valuable, besides sharing winners' story, you can also share shooting plans, introduce local folk-custom cultures and discuss shooting subjects for the next HPA through the platform of the forum.

In this way, work pressure and financial burden can be eased a lot for the organizer. We hope to get your understanding. We are here to apologize again, and please keep in touch with us at

The China Folklore Photographic Association

August 02, 2017

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