HPA2013:Second Round of Evaluation Was Over

Published date: 2013-08-29    Clicks: 2271

After weeks of hard work to evaluate the shortlisted 666 sets of photos in the second round of HPA2013, 66 candidates for the final round (see list) have been selected. They will be competing for the 6 Grand Awards, 60 Documentary Awards, and a number of Jury’s Special Awards, which will be all announced at the grand award ceremony later this year.

100 sets of photos have won the Nomination Awards, and 500 have won the Performance Awards (see list). Congratulations to you all! 

All 666 photographers will be invited to attend the grand award ceremony. (Details see the Guidelines of the Humanity Photo Awards 2013)

Again, we would like to congratulate to the awarded and the upgraded photographers. We would also like to express our great gratitude to all participants for your entries and support.

Lists of:

66 candidates for the final round

100 Nomination Awards
500 Performance Awards

Portrait & Costume                                               click to see the photo list

Architecture                                                          click to see the photo list

Living and Production Costom                              click to see the photo list

Festivities                                                              click to see the photo list

Education, Recreation, Sports & Technology        click to see the photo list

Traditional Rites                                                    click to see the photo list

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