Printing out your electronic copy of a Commermoration Certificate of the HPA 2013

Published date: 2013-07-23    Clicks: 2422

During the process of printing out your copy of Commermoration Certificate of the HPA 2013, you may encouter some errors which leads to an "unproper" page layout, such as certificate all in English language, or all in Chinese language, or maybe in other languages, in stead of in both English and Chinese. This is perhaps due to the default encoding setting of the web browers that you use. Here is the tip that may help you to set it properly for a smooth print-out.

For Internet Expolorer: Menu - View - Encoding - UTF-8

For Fire Fox: Menu - View - Character Encoding - UTF-8

For Chrome: Menu - Set - Advanced set - Web Contents - User difined - UTF-8

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