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The first-round evaluation of HPA2013 entries over. 666 serials of photos are entitled to be in the second-round evaluation. Read in details.


The first-round evaluation of the 8th HPA contest has come to an end. 666 serials of photos out of 6969 qualified sets were admitted to the second-round evaluation to compete for the 6 Grand Awards, the 60 Documentary Awards, and the 100 Nomination Awards in the near future. The rest 500 serials of photos will be awarded the Performance Awards. Congratulations!


Result of the first-round evaluation for 6 Categories is as follows:

Portrait & Costume                                                  86       click to see the photo list

Architecture                                                             91       click to see the photo list

Living and Production Costom                                202       click to see the photo list

Festivities                                                                100       click to see the photo list

Education, Recreation, Sports & Technology             60       click to see the photo list

Traditional Rites                                                      127       click to see the photo list


To print your electronic copy of a Commemoration Certificate of the HPA 2013 officially stamped by the two organizers, the CFPA and the UNESCO, please login HPA2013 official website http://2013.hpa.org.cn/ and download it on your homepage, in which current status of your photos is announced. To get the ID number of your photos, please click on your photos to get in your homepage. The number at the end of upper left corner web link it is. 


Thank you for your participation in and great support to Humanity Photo Awards 2013. The second-round evaluation is scheduled to start in late July and will last till early August. We will keep you posted on HPA2013 official websitewww.hpa.org.cn/ and CFPA website www.icfpa.cn.

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